Iowa Bills to Watch

Mandatory vaccinations bill: SF 555 This bill prohibits employers requiring vaccines. <THIS BILL IS DEAD>

Vaccine Bills Comment A revised bill passed but leaves out medical employees

RWCI recommends: How to follow or find a bill by subject

Iowa GOP controls House, Senate and Executive comments

How to communicate with school boards regarding BLM and 1619 project in the schools (HF802 has passed both chambers and Governor Reynolds expected to sign it in May):

  1. Pin down your school superintendent in a brief and scripted series of short questions. Ask the district curriculum director if BLM and 1619 “curriculum” is in the district’s possession.
  2. If not, is it being investigated or researched as an option for the district?
  3. Force them to give you a firm “yes” or “no”. A conclusive answer is accepted, not “I’m not sure or I’m unaware” of that in the district. Do not accept vague answers.
  4. Seek out individual board members asking their knowledge and support of BLM and 1619 content in the district. Again, do not accept vague answers.
  5. Do all this electronically if possible. They will likely forward this email to the school administration team. School Boards likely desire to avoid an “Ames-style” confrontation.
  6. These actions put them on notice that someone is observing their actions. NEVER a bad thing.
  7. For example, In Nevada School District (NSD), when a letter is written to the board it is read aloud and if questions are asked in the letter then it may be discussed and followed up in meetings. Ideally, if you reside in a district your words have more impact than an Ames resident writing to the Nevada district. Your residence gives the board member or administration representative “standing” to request an answer.
  8. Do not be a bully. We can push back with respect. Be direct.
  9. Be clear. “I am concerned with the curriculum I read used in Ames. What is planned for Nevada?”
  10. You must give your name and address for clarity and a response. You do not have to be a parent of students in your local district to address issues with the school board.
  11. Keep a copy and let’s discuss this as the months move forward. Attend our Coffee & Conversations held on First Thursday of the month January – May and August – December.
  12. School boards meet all year long. Follow up if you don’t get an answer/response in a timely fashion. I’d suggest 7 days then repeat.
  13. Attend in person meetings if possible. Of course, attend the Zoom meetings. Ask them to start to meet in person since the schools and businesses are open.