Action Steps

These are suggestions. Don’t read more into it than that! There are dozens of great sites and books to open and investigate. This is a sample. Start exploring and see what you learn!

President Trump had a fantastic first term in office. Accomplishments

Write or call all elected officials demanding a TRUE VOTE COUNT (this is the Iowa list). The deception has gone on for decades. President Trump is fighting the swamp monsters and they don’t like it. Contact your elected representatives and demand they stand with truth and election integrity!

Parents deserve school choice. Republicans stand up for parent’s rights: EDUCATION

This is what children are exposed to in targeted ads.

Try listening to a book! 5000 Year Leap

Great Books Program Online home education through 12th grade

Educational reporter Alex Newman offers research based reporting on America’s educational system. We hope to partner with Iowa’s Republican National Committeewoman Tamara Scott to bring Alex to Iowa in 2021.

Ready for a newspaper that offers articles you don’t see elsewhere? Try the Epoch Times.

Witnesses to the effects of communism archived here. The truth must not die.

Movie list about freedom of speech (film ratings are not listed)

Need assistance with sexual health education and support? Try this website.

Podcast by the producer of The Agenda & Agenda 2 documentaries we’ve recommended in Book Club.

What powers does the governor have over Iowans in an emergency? Can the governor close schools, businesses, and require vaccinations? Educate yourself.