Action Steps During Sheltering 2020

“I challenge members to reach out to neighbors, friends and a stranger during these months of isolation and concern.  Salvation Army, churches and local food banks are providing necessary outreach. Many in mental health recovery have no group support. We are all concerned with the mental health of our farmers, the thousands of unemployed and our elderly population. As a ‘professional’ volunteer, my calendar disappeared. It’s occasionally a struggle to remember details. My son refers to the incident in A Christmas Carol where Scrooge calls out the window ‘What day is it?’ and the street child answers ‘Why, It’s Christmas day, Mr. Scrooge!’ It’s Wednesday, Mom. It’s Wednesday.”

Ideas to stimulate our economy, hearts and brains:

1) Donate a portion of Covid-19 stimulus check to a helping organization. 

2) Write notes to a nursing home with “share with residents” instructions.

3) Phone someone and speak. Some people don’t hear a voice for days.

4) Take a walk and greet everyone with a smile.

5) Send an anonymous gift card or cash to single parent who lost a job due to shutdown orders.  

6) Read a book about civil rights and the constitution of the USA.  

7) Record yourself reading a book for a grandchild. 

8) Write a letter to a grandchild or friend. Are they home educating?

9) Contact your state elected officials. What if this “outbreak” happens again? Ask about violations of civil rights vs public health laws. What does Iowa Code say about mandatory vaccines? How can churches be closed and Walmart open? Contact information is HERE

10) Thank your garbage company for faithfully working. Leave a tip in labelled envelope taped on the can!

11) Register to vote! Register others. Volunteer to work a polling place. REPORT QUESTIONABLE ISSUES to the GOP!

12) Attend a candidate forum (virtual or in person). Get to know local candidates. They represent you which means they work for you. Your money provides the state and county budgets.

Upcoming Project

RWCI members are invited to participate in the NFRW Literacy & Education Committee’s Children’s Reading Project January 2021. Details will be sent to members only for this brand new outreach. Videos of people reading a 10 minute children’s story will be broadcast through the National Federation of Republican Women’s YouTube and Facebook channels.  Our goals include offering an option to families new to home educating and those seeking a positive, safe place for youth literacy. You must be a current member of RWCI to participate in this project. (Half of RWCI membership fee includes state and national membership. Men are also welcomed as members.)

See you all soon!

Laura Carlson, RWCI President, NFRW Literacy & Education Committee Chair